John Bunyan Baptist Church

Ark T Centre

Blue Ark T Centre LogoA major project belonging to John Bunyan Baptist Church is the Ark T Centre which grew out of the church’s willingness to allow its buildings to be used and to change. 

The Ark T Centre is a creative arts project where every week people share in its life through art workshops, dance classes, music, play and eating in the café. 

The Centre was opened in 1997 when James Grote, then the minister of the church, began working with a group of artists and the church offered them studio space in exchange for doing something with the church in the community.

Based in the church premises, the Ark T Centre now has a recording studio for young musicians, rehearsal space for theatre and dance, artist studio spaces and a café.  The Centre employs 6 staff, has 6 resident artists and a team of sessional workers and volunteers. 

The Centre works in partnership with many agencies who refer people to its different programmes for training and creativity. 

The Ark T Centre believes that creativity through the arts can allow people to discover new things about themselves and others and so unlock the potential for change. It takes its motif from the Biblical story of Noah. Every kind of living creature found refuge in the ark and the rainbow tells of God’s promise of hope for the future. The message of good news seen through the life of Christ becomes the fulfilment of this promise which speaks to all and underpins the work of the Ark T Centre. 

In July 2015, as Rev. James Grote prepared to move on from his ministry at John Bunyan Baptist Church, the Ark-T Centre ran a successful crowd-funding campaign to support a new director position. Everyone is looking forward to the new ways the church and the centre will work together with their respective new leaders.

The Ark T Centre is a registered charity (no. 1079495).

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